Best Deep Fryer Review

Emeril by T-fal FR702D 1.8-Liter Best Deep Fryer with Integrated Oil Filtration Review

A deep fryer has become an essential appliance in the kitchen. However, the most disappointing aspect of majority of deep fryers is the messy oil change and cleanup. Well, this disappointed is something that T-fal FR702D deep fryer eliminates forever. This is perhaps the major selling point of this innovative fryer.

This fryer drains and strains the oil with its filtration mechanism. All you need to do is lift the heating element and simply then detach the tank. For frying back again, just put the oil in the tank and attach it back to the fryer. You are now ready to plug the dryer and switch it on. Well, it is that simple!

This Emeril model does everything that really expect from a quality deep fryer – there is oil filter, temperature control, and tightly fitting lid to keep spattering away. At the same time, it comes with all features of a home fryer, such as small footprint to take less space, oil in closed container, and dishwasher safe parts except for the electrical assembly having the calrod.

Features of Best Deep Fryer

Construction and Design

The Emeril by T-fal FR702D deep fryer features a sleek, contemporary design soaked in stainless steel finish. It is small in size, with 1.1lb food capacity and 1.8 liters of oil capacity. Such a size is ideal for a single person or a couple. The optimal relation between food and oil capacities is responsible for keeping the absorption of grease to a minimum for healthier cooking.

The overall design is modular, which makes assembling, disassembling, and cleaning a breeze. Similarly, the built-in detachable oil tank simplifies the tasks of storing the oil and draining the fryer.

The Unique Oil Filtration Mechanism

The oil filtration system is a patented filter and storage system and is designed to filter the used oil and drain the obtained clean oil automatically for future use. This filtered oil is stored in a sealed plastic container for hassle-free storage until it is used the next time. You can even refrigerate the container.

The Advanced Oil Temperature Heating System

This 1.8L electric unit comes with a reliable temperature heating system that is responsible for maintaining a perfect cooking temperature. The robust 1,700 watt heating mechanism heats up swiftly to the set temperature and maintains it consistently. It also aids in sealing the exterior so that you enjoy healthier food with least absorption of grease.


  • Easy to set, use, and clean
  • Easy to disassemble
  • No need to use lot of oil
  • No wasted oil due to filtration
  • Reuse of clean oil for next 5-6 times
  • Crispy food that is not oily
  • Least odor while in storage due to sealed container
  • Well maintenance of temperature
  • No mess
  • Dishwasher safe basket and fryer tank


  • Hard to see ready light
  • Small size not efficient for big families
  • Heating element not dishwasher safe
  • Mediocre instructions


The size is compact and ideal for two people; so do not expect to cook big batches. It is still a great value for money.